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Slater Mill Hay by 3dmirror-stock Slater Mill Hay by 3dmirror-stock
Slater Mill in Pawtucket, RI (1793)

Description how this series of photos had appeared:

Yesterday August 2nd, 2007 thanks to the endless generosity and resourcefulness of =whiteknightjames we got together again! Imagine only we were brave enough to do it in a terrible heat 95F (I remember a time as well when I was able to handle a 105F in New York without Air Conditioning! Well I am glad that this time is behind my shoulders already). So we set our course directly on Pawtucket, RI, USA in hope to reach Old Slater Mill in this oppressive weather, which was built in 1973 => [link] I took 105 shots being around this Mill and that’s why I am sitting here right at this moment, sorting all these shots out and trying to upload at least a part of them here on DA to share them with you, my friends. I hope it will cheer you UP as well as me because for me in spite of all adversities we had along this trip yesterday it was a real and enormous fun for me; well, for all of us who got involved in this trip! Enjoy and do not forget to read short note underneath.


Well, I suppose you can guess what is this...:)

Tell me is this a halm or hay or something else?

RULES about HOW to USE my STOCK read in my Journal!

Thank you very much for cooperation!

I do really HOPE you will find this photo useful for your creative needs! :wave:
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